Ascensor Genital / La Mort És Dolça


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Released by Ozonokids on December 2011. OKTPS034

This tape contains two clots, one on each side. It was recorded on the 22nd April 2010 in the neighbourhood of Coll in Barcelona, in the author’s maternal nest.

One side contains the “Ascensor Genital” (the Genital Elevator). This clot is a marsh of distortion with cheerful rhythm, but with a dark and haunting atmosphere aswell. Throughout this delirious ride across the foams of these timeless waves, a rueful voice recites some tragic chants of a tone, insistently repeating the directive: “sense parar – fins arribar / sense parar – fins despertar” (non stop – until the arrival / non stop – until the awakening). The states in which ordinary consciousness remains in the background and the mind expands beyond its own prison are the perfect ones to overcome the human condition and unite ourselves with the divine whole. The climax of the intercourse is one of these states, and this song has been specially designed to promote this religious application of orgasm, to “take heaven by assault.”

The other side contains “La Mort És Dolça” (Death is sweet). This clot is like the insides of a large temple packed with cyclopean columns, where strange rituals are practiced. The deliberate synthetic beats embody the columns, the silences are the dark space in between, and the shy metallic whispers that emerge through them suggest ornate decorations made of precious gems or extradimensional unknown beings that materialize as these whispers gain power. Throughout the monotonous journey through this mysterious sonic space, an increasingly desperate Faustian voice repeats the song title as an anti-mantra. It is an evidence that everyone knows deep inside, but that often hurts to be aware of. The more intense is the pleasure, the more out of ourselves we are, the closer to death. It encourages us to recreate viciously in this painful certainty like if we were sending it to the unconscious in the shape of a coded message, so “La Mort és Dolça” is a tool to disable this psychic equation that nature imposes on us. And somehow, to make us less human and closer to the divine status.

In summary, the two clots of this tape are magickal dehumanizing tools, one in the direction of pain and the other in the direction of pleasure. They function as opposite but complementary ways, and this is reflected in the ambivalent nature of the mechanism that a cassette tape imposes: when we reach the far end of pain and we flip to the other side we automatically find ourselves at the leading edge of pleasure, and when we have reached the far end of pleasure we are automatically placed at the leading edge of pain.

The illustrations accompaining this release are mechanical revelations, executed by the trembling hand of the author to put the listener in context with the psychoactive and Faustian imagery of this work.


released December 12, 2011



all rights reserved


COÀGUL Barcelona, Spain

COÀGUL is the muzak project of the visual artist Marc O'Callaghan (Barcelona, 1988). Its main function is to concentrate the energy of certain cosmic principles in the physical spot where its sound is performed or reproduced.

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Track Name: Ascensor Genital
Sense parar
Fins arribar
Sense parar
Fins despertar
Track Name: La Mort És Dolça
La mort és dolça
La mort és dolça